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December 3, 2022


December 10, 2022


Moon'k Films DEVOTED is having our annual TALENT FOR TOYS DRIVE & AUDITION! We are looking for aspiring and seasoned actors and models of all ages to come out to showcase your talent. We are asking for all participants to bring at least one toy to be admitted into the audition for the opportunity to audition for the Moon'k Films DEVOTED Casting Directors and affiliates.   Please spread this message to anyone you know who wants the opportunity to be featured in any of the upcoming Moon'k Films DEVOTED productions, which can launch their career and sharpen their skill. 


We are asking all actors to bring a memorized monologue or excerpt that showcases your talent along with your resume. We are looking for models to be prepared to show us your walk and also share your experience via resume. 


Moon'k Films DEVOTED is a cinematography studio that produces short films, full feature films, commercials and promotional videos for small businesses and organizations from around the world. However, giving is at the core of our existence. We believe in providing opportunities for all genders, ages, and nationalities with the mission of giving back. So please feel free to bring a toy to the event even if you are not looking for your next close up. 


Don't forget to follow Moon'k Films DEVOTED on instagram @moonk_devoted. Also check out our latest productions and events via YouTube by searching Moon'k Films Devoted in the search engine. 


We look forward to seeing you there! 


Trey Carswell

CEO, Creator 

Moon'k Films DEVOTED 

December 17, 2022

Click "Audition Now" to view the roles you would like to apply for

“Bars” Created by Trey Carswell
( Action, comedy ) 

Two female DJs are on a hilarious adventure trying to start their music careers while simultaneously keeping their jobs at a soap factory.

“Smells like Luv” Created by Trey Carswell
( Romantic, comedy ) 

Dianna has given up on love and has decided to just focus on herself, her friends, and her career. Until she meets Brendan in the most unlikely space of her life. Now Dianna is faced with a new romance but is torn between accepting love or keeping things exactly how they already safely are. 

“Joy “Created by Trey Carswell 
( Dark romance, thriller ) 

Todd is sick of all his failed relationships and decides to create a perfect romance with the perfect woman. Through deceit, deception, and delusions. Joy, (his targeted interest )will find herself caught in a twisted web of false and uncanny emotions. 

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