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Created By Trey Carswell

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After an apartheid-fueled controversy forces him to leave his South African home, photographer, Joseph Louw sets out to document the travels of civil rights pioneer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Little did he know, he would be capturing some of the final moments of King’s life. April 4th, 1968, just minutes after King’s horrifying assassination, chaos ensues but Louw has enough clarity to capture a moment in time which would end up being a monumental moment in history.

I created 'The Shot' because I wanted to tell a story that has been overlooked for more than a half-century now. As we approach the 51st Anniversary of Dr. Rev King assassination, It has  always baffled me that the accused assassin of Dr. King, James Earl Ray, a man with a record of petty crimes and a man who did not seem very intelligent pull off such a heinous crime of assignation that will go down in American History. The majority of us are all aware of the key figures who witnessed the horrible assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Like Ralph David Abernathy, Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young. I found it very intriguing learning of the young South African Photographer Joseph Louw who was with Dr. King and had been in his company for some time. All the while he was doing a documentary on the late Dr. King. So I took my frustration of who I believe was just a fall guy in Dr. King assassination and wanted to tell the story of the humble young photographer behind the camera. Through all of these things is how I created 'The Shot'.

- Trey Carswell

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